Analytic Minds specializes in analyzing data in relation to in vitro fertilization. This includes, but is not limited to data obtained through EMR and through time-lapse incubation.

For clinics using IDEAS (Mellowood Medical), Analytic Minds can assist with making simple queries, help structure data input so that it can be analyzed at a later point, help setting up methods for data validation (are all eSET registered as eSET?), and do deeper analysis based on existing reports (such as finding cumulative birth rates).

In addition, we also do time-lapse analysis and can help in analyzing your clinic’s time-lapse data in order to find a morphokinetic time line specific to the clinic. The first clinic-specific timeline was derived for Klinikk Hausken in 2012 and presented at the XXI Nordic Fertility Society meeting in Helsinki.

We also work on finding new and more precise parameters for clinics to help further improve results. This includes parameters in addition to SET-rates to help lower twin rates, as well as other IVF models. At the ASRM meeting in Boston in 2013, Snorre presented a model to calculate embryo viability and female receptivity.

At ESHRE 2015, Snorre has contributed to three poster presentations and will be there to answer any questions you may have, just get in touch via e-mail or Twitter (@IVFSnorre). The posters are as follows:

Lead author:
[P-238] “Adding morphokinetics to morphology, is there an added benefit in live births?

[P-196]: “Systematic assessment of nucleation error phenotypes by Time-lapse analysis of human embryos and their impact on embryo quality and implantation potential.

[P-758]: “IVF – follow up study; cumulative pregnancy rate in a new series of IVF attempts following 3 or more failed attempts

For more about data analysis of IVF, check out the IVF category in our blog.

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